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Destinee Williams

August 31, 2018


              Want to live a healthier life? Are you getting to the age or the body weight, were you are starting to feel tired or your immune system is weakening?  Let me help you maintain a better eating habit or a fresher diet. I will discuss many fresh diets and a light exercise plan. 

              Many people can’t afford a better eating habit or don’t like the smoothie drinks that you will drink three times a day. I only will discuss what I was able to maintain and lost over 30 pounds. I started off with the egg diet. The egg diet will only be for three weeks. If you do not like eggs or you are worried about high cholesterol either wait until my next plan or eat only egg whites.


Two hard boiled eggs with the yoke or no yoke. 

If you want to juice then juice before the eggs wait an hour or two hours whenever you feel hungry again and eat the two eggs.



Bake Chicken Breast or bake Fish (of your choice) with steam vegetables of your choice.



Fruit or one boil egg with yoke or no yoke.



Egg white or regular eggs tomato and spinach omelet.


Try to eat dinner before 6 or 7.



30 jumping jacks

25 sit ups

15 squats

12 push ups


Do this reputedly 4 times. Take a 30 second rest after the pushups.

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