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The Haves & the Have Nots Star Patrick Faucette Talks Portraying Epic Villain & Tyler Perry&

The Haves and the Haves Nots, already in its third season has kept viewers in incomparable suspense. Patrick Faucette, The Haves and Have Nots recurring guest star who effortlessly portrays the disgruntled villain Tony Watson warrants an impressionable impact on the countless viewers glued to OWN’S Tuesday night extravaganza. Despite a new low in corrosive parenting revealed by his alter-ego Tony Watson, Faucette discloses his own intimate and dedicated journey to success, honorable donor pledge and the bond of fatherhood.

Celebrityitis: First of all congratulations on the series, I’ve heard nothing but good things about the show! Tell us a little about your character.

Patrick: My character’s name is Tony Watson. And the show, for someone who hasn’t seen it, is basically about this rich guy who is a judge and he’s running for governor—he’s played by John Schneider. He has a family, a wife and two kids. Then there’s another family, a black family. This father is also a judge, one of his good friends—that character (David Harrington) is played by Peter Parros, and he has two kids. Now, John Schneider’s character (Jim Cryer) has a maid who also has two kids. One of which is Benny Young, played by Tyler Lepley, and he’s my son. His mother and I were together for a bit, and then she got pregnant and I left her. I went and got married and I had another life and other kids. And then I came back into their lives after my wife passed away. So Benny and I go to the same church but I never told him that I was his dad. So then Benny sets me up with his mom, and that’s where I start from on in the show. I want to let Benny know that I’m his father but his mother doesn’t want me to.

Celebrityitis: Oh, wow!

Patrick: And then in season two, Benny has an accident and he’s in a coma. Then we find out that I have a kidney problem and I need a transplant but none of my other kids are a match. So the doctor tells me that Benny is in a coma and he’s brain dead, and I want to pull the plug so that I can take his kidney. People hated on me because I wanted to kill Benny and take his kidney. So after season two he wakes up, and now here we are in the third season.

Celebrityitis: Tony sounds like a winner.

Patrick: Tony is a trouble maker.

Celebrityitis: Did you receive any flak from the fans?

Patrick: Oh, man. During the second season I got some hate Twitter. Boy you wouldn’t believe! They were like, “I hope you die and that kidney burns in hell!”

Celebrityitis: Tony was trying to survive.

Patrick: Yeah, Tony was trying to survive. The doctor was the one who told him that Benny was brain dead and you should think about organ donation. And Tony, needing an organ, you know, is going to think about himself first.

Celebrityitis: Is there a little “Tony” in you?

Patrick: Deep down in there everybody has a little bit of selfishness. In a part like this, you get to take advantage of that and bring it out.

Celebrityitis: Can we get a scoop? Can you tell us what’s going to happen with Tony this season? Just a little bit?

Patrick: Umm, a little bit. With Benny, as with any boy, he wants to know his father--he’s going to need him a lil’ bit-- and we’ll see what Hannah, my baby’s mama, has to say about it.

Celebrityitis: Tell me a little bit about yourself- Where are you from and what was you dream before becoming an actor?

Patrick: Originally I’m from Willingboro, NJ. It’s a small town in South Jersey, near Philadelphia. And, my dream as a kid was to be a professional baseball player.

Celebrityitis: Do you still play?

Patrick: No, no I stopped in high school. I started playing football in high school. I played football and baseball in high school. Then I got a scholarship for baseball and football but I ended up playing football in college.

Celebrityitis: So you don’t play for fun?

Patrick: No, I’m too busy.

Celebrityitis: That’s a good thing! I know that you quit your job and moved out to LA. How did you know for sure that acting was your calling?

Patrick: When I first moved to San Francisco… Well I went to school in Boston, and then I moved to San Francisco. I moved in with a bunch of roommates that went to school in Boston, who were in the theater program. So they convinced me to do some theater-- I was a musician, I played the bass guitar. So they convinced me to do some acting, and I started doing some plays with them. Then I started taking acting classes. And then I caught the acting bug. So I got an agent, then I started doing plays. So I did a commercial. After I did the commercial I decided, okay now it’s time to try to go to the big leagues. So I quit my job and I moved to LA.

Celebrityitis: So what gave you the confidence to go out there and do that. I know a lot of people quit their jobs, they move out to LA to pursue that dream. But what made you say I can do this?

Patrick: My major in college was physical therapy. As a physical therapist, you can pretty much get employment anywhere… whether it’s temping, hospitals or doing home health. I knew that if things didn’t work out I could still make some money. So that gave me the confidence to not really worry about it, I’m not going to be on the street. I’m not going to be starving.

Celebrityitis: You had a plan B. I think that’s very smart. So you’re filming in Atlanta now?

Patrick: Right.

Celebrityitis: So how is that? How is it living in the South now?

Patrick: Well I live in L.A. But when we shoot we go down there-- depending on how many episodes I’m on—for a month or two in Atlanta. So it’s fun. I’m not one of the series regulars so they have a place down there that they’ll rent for the whole time. Since I’m usually in a lot of episodes, Tyler Perry puts the guest stars up in the InterContinental. It’s a beautiful hotel. It’s a nice situation.

Celebrityitis: Have you noticed a difference in the people in Atlanta vs the people on the west coast?

Patrick: Yes I have! The people in Atlanta are so much nicer. While I was down there, in some of my down time, I wanted to explore and meet some of the agents in Atlanta and the casting directors. So I got a list of casting people. I called one of the casting directors up and she was like, “Yeah come on in.” I went on in and met her. Then she was like, “Let me call up this agent for you.” So she called some people and she set up some meetings for me that same day. This would not happen in LA.

Celebrityitis: Tyler Perry has done some incredible things and opened the door for so many African Americans in the entertainment industry. What has it been like working with him?

Patrick: It’s been like a dream. When you get down to Tyler Perry studies, it’s just a beautiful thing to see that this African American guy has this huge, beautiful studio. And when you look around at the electricians and the grips, you see people of color working in these positions. Where, you would only see maybe one or two if you were over at Fox studios. And there it’s kind of the opposite. These African Americans who are people of color are all totally professional and giving it their all. It’s a beautiful thing.

Celebrityitis: What are some of your other passions? What are some of your hobbies?

Patrick: I have three kids, so whatever sport they’re in is my hobby at the moment. My youngest and oldest are soccer players so I end up reffing soccer games and running around driving them to different events. My daughter plays volleyball and she plays Lacrosse so when that season is on, I’m trying to practice with her. I also play the bass guitar.

Celebrityitis: Any thoughts on starting a band?

Patrick: Well my neighbor is a drummer, and he was in a band for a while and they ended up breaking up, so every once in a while, when we’re just hanging out—and he plays guitar too- he’ll play something and I’ll play the bass. Or he’ll play the drums and I’ll play the bass and we’ll have a jam session. But, no formal plans to start any band just yet.

Celebrityitis: So what advice would you give to struggling actors-- you know, people who have one foot almost in the door—to not give up on their dreams? What would you say to them?

Patrick: I would say work as much as possible. If you’re doing independent films or even if you’re doing your own films. Because the more work you do… there’s something about the energy that creates more work. So if you’re working, even if it’s small time stuff, it creates that energy that makes you more confident when you’re doing bigger stuff. Keep working. Plays, independent film, web series; there are so many things out there to keep you working, if you can survive on the pay.

Celebrityitis: I have one more question. Since you were about to rip out Benny’s kidney, have you pledged?

Patrick: I sure have. I am a registered donor. Once I got my script for the second season and I saw that Tony had kidney failure and needed dialysis, I had to do my research. I found out just how many people were waiting for organs. It’s over 100,000 people waiting for organ transplants. People are dying every day. And then, as an African American they say you’re 3 times more likely to develop kidney failure. That motivated me to become an organ donor and I try to push that thought to other people as well.

Celebrityitis: Mr. Faucette, thank you so much for time and I’ll see you on Tuesdays!

Patrick Faucette has signed up with the Donate Life California Organ & Tissue Donor Registry.

Please join Patrick Faucette in saving and enhancing the lives of thousands of people in need of your help. It takes only a few minutes to

sign up -- minutes that could mean years of life for someone else.

Here are 6 facts about organ and tissue donation to help you make the decision:

1. More than 100,000 Americans are currently waiting for an organ transplant. It is their only remaining medical option.

2. One person can save eight lives and enhance 50 others through organ and tissue donation.

3. When you are admitted to the hospital the number one priority is to save your life. Two doctors not involved in organ and tissue donation must declare you brain dead before organ and tissue donation can be considered.

4. Anyone can be a potential donor become an organ donor regardless of age, ethnicity, or medical history.

5. All major religions support, or permit organ, eye and tissue donation.

6. An open casket funeral is possible for organ, eye and tissue donors. The body is treated with dignity, care and respect throughout the entire donation process.

Watch Tyler Perry’s The Have and the Have Nots every Tuesday Night on OWNTV 9/8C. #HAHN

Chat with Patrick on Twitter @PatrickFaucette


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