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Music Mogul Damon Dash Launches Online Streaming Service Dame Dash Studios

Hip Hop mogul, Damon Dash has launched his own streaming service, Dame Dash amongst the plethora of available digital platforms online. The new streaming service, similar to Netflix gives fans access to Dash's roster of documentaries, music, movies, self-training video and books. The online streaming service is set to launch on Tuesday September 1, 2015 with full access to coveted media content by the former Roc Nation alum.

To add to his media empire, Dash is currently producing the anticipated television series, 'Mafietta' as acting director and producer. The series is being filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina based on the book by Author E.W. Brooks and stars former reality star of VH1's Flava of Love 2, London 'Deelishis' Charles.

You can see more of Dash's work through his extensive collection of self-help books on organizational skills for planning, researching and practical decision making. These catalogues also include a variety of interviews from notable speakers, leaders and entrepreneurs available for streaming. Dash will also release a new book called 'Culture Vultures' as his next venture. See more of on Tuesday September 1, 2015.

Do you think Damon Dash's online streaming service will rival that of Jay Z's Tidal?


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