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Erin Andrews Wins For All Sex Crime Victims in 55 Million Lawsuit

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Erin Andrew’s epic lawsuit was a win for all voyeurism victims who have been unwilling recorded. Just this month, Andrew’s was awarded ’55 million for her hotel victimization in which she was videotaped her in her hotel room back in 2008.

The sports reporter won triumphantly in her civil trial which brought much attention to similar privacy and victimization issues amongst women. Erin Andrew’s case has sparked huge support from victims group, PAVE which Promotes awareness and victim empowerment. The founder and executive director of Pave, Angela Rose states that Erin’s financial award speaks volumes to the plight of sex victims.

"The exposure [of the award] is priceless. It gets the nation talking about [sex crime] issues. At the end of the day it raises awareness, and I really applaud her courage for standing up," Rose says.

Although, the outcome of the trial cannot take away the mental an emotional abuse Andrews suffered, it can at least give a sense of relief and vindication for all those who may have suffered through similar outcomes.

How do you feel about the Erin Andrew’s trial case? Do you think Andrew’s is deserving of the millions in restitution?

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