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Stacey Dash Insults Oscar Winner Leonardo DiCaprio Over Global Warming Comment

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Stacey Dash has does it again, making headlines over mundane hypocrisy. The ‘Clueless’ star ripped into Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio over his comment on global warming this past month.

During his award winning speech, DiCaprio mentioned topics regarding climate change and how it is affecting our society.

"I just want to say this. Making the Revenant was about Man’s relationship with the natural world," said DiCaprio. "Climate change is real it’s happening right now. It’s the most urgent threat facing our entire species."

The denounced actress took to her website to bash DiCaprio’s dialogue of which Ms. Dash likened him to ‘Chicken Little.’

“Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar was truly a well-deserved win. DiCaprio’s speech, you could tell, was planned ahead of time. He knew he had it. Though I’ve not seen his film yet, I hear it’s great,” emphasized Dash. “[But] he reminds me of Chicken Little, the bird who ran around the neighborhood and disturbed everyone ‘with her foolish alarm.’ ”

While the republican Fox reporter isn’t immune to scrutiny, it’s oddly surprising that she would be targeting the “Revenant’ star on his political views.

Dash has been making headlines around social media, most noticeably on her comical stance on African-American relations at the 2016 Oscars in which she jokingly expressed her loyalty to the African-American community.

I cannot wait to help my people out," Dash cheerily evoked. "Happy Black History Month!"

Do you think Stacey Dash is being hypocritical regarding Leonardo DiCaprio’s message at the Oscars?

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