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Victoria Beckham Gets Bailed Out By Husband David Beckham

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Wouldn’t it be great to have a husband as suave and rich as David Beckham? Well, Victoria Beckham knows all too well. Her fashion empire was in disarray but husband David Beckham made sure to keep an out on the petite designer’s financial well-being.

Victoria Beckham is a style icon and it’s safe to say she is making an impact on the fashion industry. The fairly new style designer opened up her posh store in 2014 in London with high hopes of bringing in major revenue to the fashion world. However, it’s been reported that the former spice girl lost 3.8 million in one year.

While her collection seems impressive, her fashion brand struggled for several months and lost several millions. To get back on her feet, husband David Beckham contributed 5.2 million to save her dwindling corporation.

Not everyone can make it in the high stakes fashion, not even the posh!

Is Victoria Beckham’s designer wear worth the millions in bail-out funding?

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