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The Celebrity Phenomenon of Voluptuous Curves and the Bountiful Derriere

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Today’s society is immensely fixated on the physical appeal of perfection. Not only are teens and young adults continuously targeted for the premiere look of desire but women of esteem as well. It is no longer enough to be young and pretty but the requirements now entail seeking the imagery of ideal beauty. Women of various backgrounds have heeded the call to improve upon themselves in the most outlandish way. Such necessities have included cosmetic plastic surgery, enhancement creams and injections for the means of enhancing the derriere. Some celebrities who fall into this category of societal aspirations of beauty for a grandeur bum include Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj , Jennifer Lopez and Amber Rose.

Although few celebrities have admitted to any bodily augmentations the rumors still persist that work has been done to their current physique. For Instance, the youngest Kardashian/Jenner sibling Kylie Jenner recently admitted to using butt enhancement cream to create a voluptuous posterior sans plastic surgery. Jenner admitted to using a brand known as PureLeaf which contains all natural ingredients to validate her choice of products. This body plumping cream is said to safely enhance a women’s curves by maintaining a desired preference over a period of time. As Kylie Jenner admits to the use of body augmentation one can only discern that her beauty ideals are misconstrued to her own hidden insecurities. At only 18, Jenner has fallen prey to beauty standards that are beyond the norm even for a Kardashian.

It seems the obsession with the buttock shows no sign of slowing down. Each day it appears a new celebrity has succumbed to the scrutiny of lower level augmentation. This yearning for the perfect body image can also come with dire results. Case in point, According to the Latin Post actress Livia Brito was a victim of butt implants gone wrong in 2014. Livia who starred in "Triunfo del Amor" suffered an adverse reaction to a polymer injection to increase her butt size while in Columbia in 2009. The consequences of the plastic surgery were extremely painful due to the material injected. Such is the risk many take when pursuing the path of supreme of perfection. The dark truths of vanity are shrouded in the glitz and glamour of false beauty. Celebrities themselves are not immune to the consequences or the dangers of botched plastic surgery. The moral of the story: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Love yourself or no one else will.

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