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Can Real Moms Relate to Beyonce’s Pregnancy Style or is Social Media Wreaking Havoc on Practicality?

beyonce, pregnancy style, celebrity news, fashion, entertainment lifestyle, social media, blue ivy

Beyonce is the queen of maternity fashion and it’s quite impeccable to see her maternal evolution. From Gucci to Cavalli to Saint Laurent, the luxury labels are particularly endless and we can’t get enough. To say that pregnancy significantly distorts and alters a woman’s physique and emotional well-being is an understatement. So how do some women defy the odds of prenatal enthusiasm and offer such stellar style capability?

One can attribute such enigmatic feats to countless nannies, bottomless coins and perhaps weathered down meds. Is it decent to shower adoring enthusiasts with enviable imagery and a plethora of unmanageable lifestyle goals? Well, we shall see.

What can be deferred is that social media plays a forbidden role in what is reality and what is absurdly ill-practical. While Beyonce isn’t the only celebrity serving style envy, the slay aficionado ranks notably highest as the epitome of maternal queen-dome. The endless array of mommy goals is what draws countless pandemonium when it comes to her iconic lifestyle flair. Not only is she giving enviable glitz and gold, Beyonce’s littlest darling is a fashion maven in her own right. Blue can already be seen adorned in limitless designer duds like Gucci, Mischka Aoki, Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs just to name a few.

beyonce, pregnancy style, celebrity news, fashion, entertainment lifestyle, social media, blue ivy

Typically, motherhood incorporates day-to-day carpools, dutiful laundry, tiding messing hands and feet and maneuvering daily hiccups. But to see the strategic mass of photo spreads gleaming down your time line only conjures up the unfortunate annoyance of social media wreaking havoc on practicality. My life is clearly missing the mark. Should you agree, please state your claim. Not to mention, the near ostentatious Carter Push Party which left social media in a fixated love fest had us all glued to our mobiles. While no particular grandiose fashion sense was detected during the glowing shower, the delivery of brazen narcissism reared its glamorous head. However, one must also acknowledge the series of miscarriages that “Queen B” tragically experienced prior to the conception of her twins. Granted, such an upheaval battle would garner ones desire to showcase such a beautiful blessing given from the heavens above. Slayage upon slayage we say!

So is this the means to Beyonce’s unending chic Instagram spread? While my pregnancy was no walk in the park, Beyonce’s grace and elegance was motivation to all that you can still be fierce and empowering during your path to motherhood.

Maybe not everyone can relate to Beyonce’s ultimate mommy panache but admiring and desiring a celebrity’s lifestyle is what we as fans desire. The Beyhive is relentless when it comes to supporting “Queen B” in all the facets of her extravagant existence. Social media has provided the means for supportive followers to feel as though they are a part of an icons being. Whether it is commenting, liking or sharing a post, ultimately the attraction of like-minded mommy-hood and a sense of supreme celebrity longing is what makes her pregnancy bravura relatable.

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