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New Music: Get into Tank’s New Erotic Single “When We”

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The “Sex God” returns with a new hot single, “When We” which is sure to please every love-making aficionado. Tank has been known to deliver the smooth, rhythmic sounds of melodic R&B and his new single is no different. The track is heavily laced with his melodic tone echoing his sexy erotic tendencies. Ladies take heed this song is a motivation for sexual inclinations. Albeit, the tune is not for the faint of heart as it is engrossed with hardcore propensities for the sexually adventurous only.

This R&B stud seems to have the golden touch as he has released countless addictive hits like Maybe I Deserve, Please Don’t Go, I Can’t Make You Love Me and I Need. Tank’s latest tune When We is no different and will be sure to soar up the R&B hit list.

With hot and heated lyrics like these it’s no wonder he’s known as “King Tank.” Get into the song tracks below.

Who came to make sweet love? “Not me.”

Who came to kiss and hug? “Not me.”

Who came to beat it up? Rocky!

When We is a thrill ride of contagious immersive sounds. Listen to Tank’s latest hit When We below.

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