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R&B Crooner Cedric Brazle’s New Single, “Prisoner,” Challenges Us to Rise Above Our Fears

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It’s hard to escape negative thoughts. Be they a relationship gone bad, lack of finance or fears about the Coronavirus. The mind is a powerful muscle and your own head can lead you down some dark paths. But South Florida R&B rising star Cedric Brazle (pronounced Brazil) says if you put your thoughts toward the positive you just may be able to break from that negative prison that may be trapping you mentally.

That’s essentially the message Brazle is hoping will connect with fans introduced to his new Single and Video, “Prisoner.”

Brazle’s brand new record and music video “Prisoner” has been described as emotional and otherworldly.

Driven by the reality that we all have something we fear and the hesitation it can cause in moving forward, Cedric draws us into his world as he vulnerably shares the inner battle with overcoming his personal conflicts. Resentment from dark past situationships influenced him to write this record as “Don’t wanna be a prisoner to my own fears” become a notable theme of the song.

cedric brazle, prisoner, merchandise, new music

“Prisoner,” is a timely example of a man trying to mentally navigate thoughts about situations gone bad that are weighing him down. The cover art of his song is a man swimming with a hand reached out …is he drowning or will he rise above and become greater than his fears?

As Cedric gears up to release his first EP, he has launched new merch that aligns with his underlining message of overcoming personal obstacles. “Everyone has something that they fear, but it’s how we deal with that fear that matters,” Cedric says.

cedric brazle, prisoner, merchandise, new music

“One day I was sitting with my friends and was listening to my song. It led us into a deep conversation about why we allow our fears to hold us back. As everyone went on to share their personal story, we discovered how much it keeps us in a box. Fear keeps us from living our lives in full.”

His mantra, embedded on the front of his new shirts, makes the bold statement of ‘I’m Greater Than My Fears,’ which sets a precedent to feel empowered and not let anything hold you back from moving forward.

Cedric’s new merch is available now for purchase at

Listen to Cedric Brazle’s latest single “Prisoner” now available for streaming on all digital platforms. And check out the official music video now on YouTube. For Media interviews contact Publicist Tandi Wilder at She Got Game Media (305) 520-9703.

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