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Oprah's Makes $10 Million COVID Donation

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Chef Jose Andres and Claire Babineaux-Fontenot have teamed up with Leonardo Dicaprio, Laurene Powell Jobs and @Apple to launch America's Food Fund to help feed local communities.

"I was struck by the work these organizations are doing and while everyone's priority right now is to stay safer at home, I know there are many of us looking for ways to help. I believe that America's Food Fund will be a powerful way to make a difference for our neighbors in need and am committing $1 million to this fund to support those facing food insecurity. I am donating $10 million overall to help Americans during this pandemic in cities across the country and in areas where I grew up. For more on this Fund and how everyone can be of service, tap the link in my bio to watch this free AppleTV+ conversation," shares Oprah.

During Oprah's conversation with Chef José Andrés and Claire Babineaux-Fontenot this week for her series "Oprah Talks COVID-19" on AppleTV+, Oprah was so impressed by the partnership and on the ground work supporting those with food insecurity, that she committed to donating $1 Million to America's Food Fund. This will be part of her overall $10 Million donation to various COVID-19 related relief efforts in communities around the country.

Donations benefit the following, with others to come:

America's Food Fund

Minnie's Food Pantry, Plano TX

Boys and Girls Club, Kosciusko MS

Clips from "Oprah Talks COVID-19" conversation below:

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